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Daily News (22-06-2018)

HUOBI: Australia platform webpage has been launched and pre-registration starts Jun 28. The exchange is registered with AUSTRAC to allow for AUD pairs. ROBINHOOD: Co has been quering regulators on becoming a proper bank. The

Daily News (21-06-2018)

BITTREX: Adds ETH/USD pairing. Total four USD pairings announced so far (BTC, USDT, TUSD, ETH). LTC: UK based platform, Crypto Facilities, will launch LTC futures from Jun 22. CEO says the decision was based on

Daily News (20-06-2018)

CIRCLE: Reveals guidelines on new listing applications for Poloniex, Circle Invest and Circle Trade. They emphasize no payments will be accepted. BTC: Hashrate reaches new all time high. Some speculate it may be driven by

Daily News (19-06-2018)

SQUARE: Payment processor is the 9th business to be licensed in NY state for crypto operations. Shares +2.7%. BIS: Considered the central bank of central banks, BIS will be issuing an annual economic report on

Daily News (15-06-2018)

ITBIT: Exchange receives approval from New York regulatory body to add BCH, ETH, LTC and XLM to its trading + custody services. THAILAND: SEC set to approve five ICOs once laws go into effect. Retail

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