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ATM Machines

We provide ATM machines at our center to facilitate buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in a convenient and timely manner, just with your Hong Kong dollar notes and smart phones.


Our BATMTwo ATM machines provide cash to crypto-currency service. If you require a bi-directional service (crypto to cash and cash to crypto), please use our BATMThree ATM.

服務時間: 星期一至日,24小時

售賣貨幣: 比特幣及以太幣

How to use?


Our BATMThree ATM machine is bi-directional. This ATM can provide cash to crypto-currency and also convert crypto-currency to cash.

服務時間: 星期一至五,9時至6時。

售賣貨幣: 比特幣及以太幣。

How to use?

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